Whole school activities

Schools and classrooms can support and promote healthy eating throughout the year. This could mean sending home the Crunch&Sip brochure to parents, including lessons about nutrition in the classroom, hosting a healthy staff morning tea or having a whole school Crunch&Sip extravaganza.

This section is a collection of ideas for promoting fruit, vegetables and water throughout the year. The ideas listed can be used during Kick Start to Crunch&Sip in term one or at any other time throughout the year.

Classroom Activites

Activity ideas to promote fruit and vegetables during subjects in the classroom

Canteen Activities

The perfect setting to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables to the school community

Staff Morning Teas

Healthy eating isn't just for students, it's important for staff members too!

Athletics Carnival

The school athletics carnival is a great time to promote healthy lifestyle messages to your school community


  • Trial Crunch&Sip in some classrooms. If your school isn't a certified Crunch&Sip School but you would like to get the ball rolling, why not trial the program in some classrooms. Click here to find out how.
  • Become a Crunch&Sip school. Join hundreds of other schools from around Australia in promoting good eating habits. If most or all classes in your school are already having a daily Crunch&Sip break, becoming a certified school is easy. Click here to find out how.
  • Certified Crunch&Sip schools can take the opportunity to remind parents, staff and students of their commitment to the program. Order free resources to send home or download inserts to place in the school newsletter.
  • Crunch&Sip presentation. A long and short Crunch&Sip presentation is now available. Show it at parent meetings, before or after assemblies, or have a link from your school website or e-newsletter. If you would like a Crunch&Sip representative to come and present at your school, contact us.
  • Whole school Crunch&Sip break. Get everyone involved in a whole school Crunch&Sip break during a school event such as the swimming or athletics carnival or after assembly

Healthy eating - students

  • Fruit and veg dress up or tutti frutti hat day. Students create their own fruit or vegetable costumes or hats to display at a parade or assembly.
  • Competitions. Hold whole school competitions. Ideas include fruit and veg poetry, limericks or short story competition, Crunch&Sip poster or art competition.
  • Create a library display. Set up a library display of fruit, vegetable and nutrition resources available for students, parents and staff to use.
  • Fruit and vegetable tastings. Offering a range of foods frequently and for free encourages children to try new foods and ultimately to change their eating behaviour. Provide platters of fruit and vegetables for children to try at recess or lunch.
  • The whole of school tally. Keep a running record of the types and amount of fruit and vegetables consumed over a week. Set up a board outside the canteen or in the undercover area for classrooms to add their data each day.
  • Themed events focusing on food can be a fun and inspiring way to promote fruit, vegetables and healthy eating e.g. apple day, food from around the world.
  • Cooking. Invite parents, a local chef or high school home economics students to run fruit and vegetable-based cooking sessions. Our Healthy Lunchbox section has yummy kid-friendly recipes.
  • Fruit and vegetable growing. Whether growing cress on a window sill or cultivating a whole garden, there is much to gain from children growing fruit and vegetables. Download a guide to creating a Crunch&Sip garden.
  • Breakfast clubs provide opportunities for a wholesome breakfast, a good start to the day and improved concentration and behaviour. Foodbank WA operates the School Breakfast Program free of charge throughout Western Australia. Additional items are often available for Crunch&Sip breaks.
  • Outside speakers. Community dietitians, fruit and vegetable growers, school nurses, local sporting stars and others can be invited into schools to talk on food issues covering nutrition, health and food hygiene.
  • Fruit and vegetable quiz. Hold a quiz over the public address system every day for a week.

Healthy eating - Parents

The ideas listed aim to be flexible - choose as few or as many ways to promote healthy eating and Crunch&Sip as your school needs or can manage.

Have you tried something in your school? Have you got any other ideas? Contact us to let us know and we'll share it here.