Crunch the Rainbow Challenge

Crunch the Rainbow Challenge

Whether in the classroom or at home, challenge your students/children to eat a colourful variety of vegies and fruit and drink lots of water.

Prove you are the ultimate Crunch&Sip-per by taking part in our fun four week Crunch the Rainbow Challenge.

Crunch&Sip's new Crunch the Rainbow challenge encourages WA primary school aged students to crunch on different coloured vegetables and fruit and to drink water.

Just download and print the Challenge card below and aim for a Rainbow! Children can colour the vegie (V) and fruit (F) shapes with the colour of the vegetables and fruits they eat for Crunch&Sip each day. Don't forget to sip on water and fill in the raindrop.

The Challenge is a great reminder to continue Crunch&Sip breaks. Children can participate at home or in the classroom and teachers can coordinate the Challenge or promote it to their families.

To enter the draw to win an awesome Crunch&Sip prize pack send your completed challenge sheet to or mail to Crunch&Sip, Level 1, 420 Bagot Road, Subiaco WA 6008.

Competition T&C's

  • The competition is ongoing
  • A winner will be drawn randomly every week from the 8th June  2020
  • Competition entrants must be primary school aged children from Western Australia
  • The winners will be notified via their school.
  • If you are outside of Western Australia you can still participate in the challenge, however you will not be eligible for the competition.